Koltó has been the pilgrimage site of Hungarians for more than a century. The well-known Hungarian poet, Petőfi Sándor and his wife, Szendrey Júlia, have spent their honeymoon in Koltó, in the castle of their adventurous friend – actually Petőfi’s single aristocratic friend – Count Teleki Sándor.

The memory of the happy weeks which they have spent here are still alive in the museum which was established in the Teleki castle. In the museums’ garden visitors can see a statue of the couple and under a dogwood a stone table on which the greatest poet of Hungarian literature wrote his poems.

The village is located in the northern corner of Northern Transylvania, surrounded by the mountains of Maramures. The proximity to the Hungarian border allows the village to be a place of rest for those who are traveling through Transylvania and other regions or are just on their way back home. But at the same time a several days of stay is also recommended, because the whole rally form of Maramures is in a walkable distance: alongside the natural attractions, the most pristine regions of Europe in terms of the old village life form can be found here. Dazzling wooden churches, from which 8 are actually part of the World Heritage, folk costums, folk art, and living traditions of the peasant life awaits the visitors.

We can provide accommodation to 50-100 guests in certified rural guesthouses with two bedrooms and bathroom facilities with high-standard conditions.

In our guesthouse hospitality is a real cult, the guests are true family members. They can also taste the home-made delicacies of the village housewives, which are made of home-grown organic ingredients.

Our five-day trip offer is the following:

First day (day of arrival):

  • Accommodation in the certified rural guesthouses in Koltó
  • Getting acquainted with the village
  • * Visiting the Teleki-castle and Petőfi museum of Koltó
  • Review of the additional programs
  • Dinner at the guest host family

Second day

  • Breakfast
  • Trip to Sighetul Marmatiei ( seeing the local culture, folk customs and costumes)
  • Desei – wooden church – part of World Heritage
  • Barsana Monastery – World Heritage site
  • Sapanta * – merry cemetery – part of World Heritage
  • Returning to the village, dinner at the guest host family

Third day

  • Breakfast
  • The tourist attractions of Baia Mare: Mineralogical Museum, County Museum, Painting Plant, *Stephen’s Tower, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Trip to the Bodi lake – “flying” chairs, bathing possibilities
  • Cavnic mine visit*
  • Surdesti church visit – World Heritage site
  • Returning to the village, dinner at the guest host family

Fourth day

  • Breakfast
  • Tautii de Jos museum visit
  • Ocna Sugatag salt bath visit, bathing possibilities
  • Izvoare ski slopes visit * on the way lunch at the local fishery
  • Returning to the village, dinner at the guest host family

Fifth day

  • Breakfast
  • Touring and hiking at the Targu Lapus countryside
  • Rohi Monastery visit
  • Plopis Church – part of World Heritage
  • Returning to the village, dinner at the guest host family

In addition to these programs, we can organize on the coast of Lapus activities like bacon frying, horse-wagon riding around the area, party night in the evening with a local folk band and a singer for an additional + 100 EURO cost. Guests may also request a one day trip to Viseu de Sus, where in the Vaser Valley there is a possibility to ride the mini-train in the mountains, then hike on the Creasta Cocosului, on the Masivul Ignis… etc. – Hairdresser, beauty salon, and massage is also available upon request.