About Coltau

Coltau is located in 10 km from Baia Mare, capital of Maramures county. It has 2500 inhabitants. Coltau was firstly mentioned in historical documents in the year 1405, so the village is more than 600 years old. Starting from 18th century was the property of the famous Transylvanian Teleki family.

The Castle of Coltau was build during the era of Maria Theresa, the Habsburg Queen. The most known owner of the castle was Teleki Sandor, the boem revolutioner. He fighted in several revolutions in Europe. Teleki Sandor was the only aristocrat friend of Petofi, the famous hungarian poet. Teleki hosted in his Castle the big names of the 19th cenury Europe (Victor Hugo, Ferencz Liszt, Petofi Sandor).

In present the Castle is a Teleki-Petofi museum. In th epark of the castle there are some rare three species and a statue colection.

If you want to visit the castle and the sorroundings of Coltau you can book accommodation here.